Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lifeline Syn Lube

I have 4 bikes at present. I ride everywhere.
I was riding to work the other day which is terrible really as I work shiftwork until midnight and then have to ride home with my eyes shut. Some people will think that's not late but I say to the doubters try doing that when your three year old daughter gets you up at 6.30 EVERY morning.
Anyway riding home I noticed that my drivetrain was sounding a bit rough. You really notice it at night when all around is silent. I also like squeaky brakes in a residential area late at night!
Anyway my drivetrain on my Marin Novato work horse was rough so the following morning I went to apply my usual Sturmey Archer oil when I realised I had none left. Reason for this is that I must apply said syrup 3 or 4 times a week literally, but as this is my work/pub bike I don't tend to use decent stuff on it. Anyway my mate Mike had a couple of weeks earlier given me a bottle of Syn Lube so I thought I would try that. Well I must say I'm impressed. I managed to go all week without re-lubing which was probably about 11 hours riding before I had to lube up again. The week was dry so wet times have yet to be tested. I also found pretty low friction and the drivetrain I could hardly hear.
£5.99 bargain!
Available at Wiggle

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