Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Why I'm Here

As this is my first post I suppose it's only right to justify myself on the world wide web.
This is a cycling blog. I know, there's loads of cycling blogs but this one's a bit different.
I cycle. I love it and I'm not gonna deny it. I love the thrill of taking a hair pin at some ridiculous speed and I love not being able to talk for ten minutes after my ride because I'm going to be sick from the exhertion I have just put in.
I cycle on my own or with a group of friends from my younger days or with anybody at my work who mentions they are taking it up. I will always offer my services to newcomers.
Anyway I digress. This blog is about cycling as I said, but my friends and I are concerned about current cycling blogs. Don't get us wrong, some of them are brilliant but what we have found is that with cycling you can spend an awful lot of money on it. Sometimes justified sometimes not. But where can you go to get information on products that are available? Most magazines will only review products that have been given to them from manufacturers and the majority of the time they are something a cyclist wouldn't entertain.
So from now on you can come here. My friends and I spend a lot of money each week feeding our passion. One of us is always buying something to enhance our time on the bike or just to look flash so whilst sitting in the pub after one of our efforts it was decided that each week one of us will either buy a product or look at something we would like to have and review it, with the results published here.
There's 25 of us in our group so I promise, as long as we get the readership we can continue this blog.
You never know, it could be a laugh.

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