Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Northwave Biomap bike performance footbeds

In other words, innersoles.
I suffer with my feet. In my normal walking shoes I have to wear special innersoles called Orthaheel which are brilliant for excess pronation which is what I've got. What happens is my foot rolls excessively when walking and causes all the ligaments to stretch in my foot. Believe me it hurts!
I also suffer to a degree when cycling so this is where Northwave could come in. My condition when cycling is known as hot foot and is caused by a lack of support from the shoe and this is down to compressing nerves and arteries when pedalling. This innersole aims to reduce this by giving you the support where needed whilst ensuring no power is lost when pedalling. Northwave also claim that these innersoles help with delaying lactic acid build up.
They work by using memory foam so when your foot presses against the innersole the foam can 'read' where the support needs to go.
Apparently one of the 'mob' has found these at Jim Walker.co.uk retailing for £24.99.
I'm actually gonna try these as at the moment I'm using £1.99 ones from my local shoezone shop.

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