Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Pro ultimate gloves

I've just ordered these. I had a pair of Madison with silk liners that I got from Decathlon at Thurrock. They did the job but are now starting to fall apart so as we are now in a bit of a cold snap I've chosen these.
They are Pro's first go at gloves, with the Ultimate being the most expensive.
They have a wind resistant membrane on its upper and a fleece lining inside. They are warm down to minus five but as they are a windproof glove they are no more than shower proof. They have anti-slip on the palm but apparently it is thin and might not be to everyones liking. I like thin gloves though because I like to feel the road through my handlebars. My wife thinks that's a fettish. The cuff is long enough to pull over your jacket sleeves and soft enough to catch your nose drips.
RRP is £24.99 but I found these at Parker International for £19.95


Bob said...

These look sweet. Are they available in the US?


Anonymous said...

yes they are. contact me at my profile email address and i will locate them for you